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We all like video games are fun, exciting, we relax and we are passionate, they are what frees us from the stress of everyday life and takes us out of reality especially role-playing where we create a second life, we live adventures, dreams we even do what we cannot do in real life, in role-playing games we also have the ability not to be ourselves and transform ourselves into another person, we can be from another country, continent or from another planet, we can live lives we did not have and making the impossible possible, we enter into stories and experiences as we move forward in the game, identifying with the characters that comprise it.

The problem is that we must have an advanced video game console or a computer with enough requirements to play all the time, besides that we cannot carry them all the time with us, nowadays cell phones and Tablets have become very powerful in terms of graphic and memory performance, besides being comfortable because they can be moved anywhere and at any time.
Now what if we could combine the RPG with the convenience of being able to play anywhere, because even if you dream outlandish there is the possibility of doing it by clicking on this link introducing yourself in EPISODE, EPISODE is a fun RPG developed for Android and ISO platform, so it is a comfortable game and so you can have fun, creating your characters and their different stories and the best thing is that you can do it from anywhere at any time, only with an internet connection and from your cell phone or tablet, in EPISODE you can do what you want, be the cheerleader of the school, an athlete, the smartest of your class or the photographer of the school newspaper, have fun with this game that you gives the opportunity to live indefinitely your dreams, expectations and that gives you the opportunity to become who you want, watching how the story progresses with each new Episode in this game.
Visit here the EPISODE website and register to live adventures as your story progresses, click here at, enter EPISODE and create your story.

Posted on April 16, 2019