What you should wear as a female tourist in Dubai


Dubai is a country with so many rules. Some are spoken while some are unspoken. They have a cosmopolitan culture but the Islamic rules are very strong. As a female tourist, you have to make sure that you wear decent during your tour. If you have never visited Dubai, you should know that Dubai is a city that is very international. So many tourists check in and out each and every day. There are so many places to visit in dubai but you must know what to wear in different places in Dubai. When visiting Dubai, you must make sure to be decently dressed. By decency, it doesn’t mean that you have to wear traditional clothing’s. you can be able to wear almost everything but make sure that you are decent.

What determines the dressing code?

While in Dubai, ladies dressing code will depend on where exactly you are going. The dressing rules and codes that are unspoken are usually different. They vary depending on whether you are going to the desert, beach, night club, in public places and so many other places. For example, if you are going to public places, wearing booty shorts can be very inappropriate. In public places, bear backs, cleavages, and midriff can land you into trouble. That said, it is good to know what to wear were before you decide on Dubai tourist places.

What to wear in different circumstances?

• If you are going to malls, hotels, and restaurants, you must make sure that your dress code is appropriate. Modesty is the word to describe how you should wear.
• When you are on a beach, you can wear a bikini or wear a full cover Islamic swimsuit but no nudity is allowed.

Posted on June 17, 2019